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Are You Considering FACEBOOK ADS?

Good Choice, But If You Just Go After Clicks, You’ll Clearly Waste Your Money. Wouldn’t You Agree? So… What If You Shop For Data Instead?

A Strategic Approach To PPC Marketing Should Drive Qualified Leads To Your Site And Should Also Serve To Gather Useful, Valuable Information About Your Customers.

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How We Create Winning PPC  Campaigns

and instantly send targeted traffic to your website.

Google Ads is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy.

It’s lightning fast and really effective, only if you really know what you're doing.

Setting up a PPC campaign on Google or Facebook is fairly easy, but a good deal of experience and the right information is necessary to optimize it for conversions.

We Do the heavy lifting for you!

a methodical approach

finding opportunities

A comprehensive overview of your company, your overall objectives and your competitors is our starting point. We then determine the best opportunities available regarding keywords and demographics.

Following our assessment of the situation, we will suggest whether to use Facebook ads, Google Adwords or both. We then create a strategy that works best for your business, one that outsmarts your competitors and puts your business safely in front of your target audience.

a clinical performance

creating & monitoring ads

Ads constitute the bedrock of any PPC Strategy. As such, a great deal of attention must go to drafting and creating them, so that everything is in line with the end goal: headline, image and copy.

Ad performance is closely examined for even the slightest signs of warning, like any metrics falling short of expectations. We have standard operating procedures in place for any probable scenario, whether it involves pausing an ad, launching new ones or scaling up the winners.

a practical operation

periodic reporting

​Once your ad campaign is live, your website will receive an influx of visitors, and your sales register will be working overtime. That is to say, you will see first-hand that your PPC investment is bearing fruit.

All the same, you will receive detailed monthly reports about your ad campaigns for you to review and discuss with us. All key campaign metrics will be accounted for, including conversions generated as a result of our ppc management services. You will be glad you chose to work with us.

PPC Advertising & Revenue Growth

If Google alone comes to mind at the mention of PPC advertising, it’s because Google seems to always be the elephant in the room whenever internet marketing is brought up in the conversation. The truth is, Pay-Per-Click is a standard practice for online advertising and there are other media out there in the wild that are worth considering depending on your business’ objectives.

Dentixtry | Retargeting for dental practices

What is the best medium for PPC advertising?

Retargeting. The Icing On The Cake.

Will PPC Draing Your Advertising Budget?

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