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The coronavirus pandemic that started in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan, located in Hubei province in China, quickly spread around the world and infected millions of people, killing thousands.

Governments all over the world rushed to contain the disease, mostly by way of imposing stay-at-home guidelines that stopped the world economy in its tracks, by testing people and updating their healthcare capacity.

Most industries were affected in one way or another, though small businesses and independent professional were probably the ones who were impacted the most.

In an effort to understand how dental practices reacted to the pandemic, we surveyed 357 dental pratice owners in the USA and Canada, and asked them what decisions they made to navigate through this unprecedented crisis.

Their responses with regard to their dental pratices' size and scope fall in line with what entities like the American Dental Association had published earler, though we went a bit further and inquired about business decisions they made that impacted their marketing.

We have published the survey results and shared them on our blog at Practicing Dentistry During COVID-19.

We thank each and everyone of the dentists who responded the survey and helped us understand what steps the industry has taken to live through this and move past it.

Thank You.

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