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Dentixtry - Digital Marketing & SEO Agency for Dentists

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Fatal Mistake #1

An Outdated or Poorly Designed Website

Customers are searching for your business on Google and if they find a website that’s difficult to navigate or looks like it hasn’t been updated in years, they will take their business elsewhere.

The Impact on Your Clients:
You’d never expect your patients to feel comfortable walking into a messy and disorganized office. The same goes for your online presence. A poorly designed website will cast doubt on your professionalism and influence your website visitors to look elsewhere for quality service.

Fatal Mistake #2

A Facebook Page That’s Littered With Poor Quality Posts Or Isn’t Updated At All

Many Facebook business pages fall into 1 of 3 categories: they’re non-existent, they’re rarely updated (if at all) or they’re littered with poor quality and/or irrelevant content.

The Impact on Your Clients:
According to an article by Forbes, 78% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by a company’s Facebook page. This makes Facebook a powerful tool in attracting new and repeat business. However, if your page offers no content (or content that’s poorly thought out) the impact will quickly work against you. Patients will be left with a sour impression of a disorganized and/or poorly managed business.

Fatal Mistake #3

Failing to Keep Current Customers Engaged

Just because a patient has walked through the door once, it's not guaranteed that they'll return. Dental practice owners often fail to take advantage of key digital resources that will maintain their patient relationships & strengthen patient loyalty.

The Impact on Your Clients:
If you don’t maintain your relevance, patients will forget why they fell in love with you in the first place. Not to mention, failing to stay in contact often makes customers feel underappreciated and forgotten. Making it much easier for competitors to sweep your customers off their feet and take away business that used to be all yours.

Dentixtry - Digital Marketing & SEO Agency for Dentists

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